Week 1&3 :

BreakfastOatsPorridge(Maltabella)Sandwich with Strawberry JamTasty Wheat/WeetbixToasted Bread & Juice
Morning SnackFresh fruit JuiceSandwich with peanut butterFresh fruit JuiceFresh fruitCupcake / muffin
Lunch timeChicken casserole with Rice (soya casserole with rice **)Spaghetti with cheese & vegetablesBaked Fish fingers & Mashed Potatoes & peas (Mashed potato & boiled vegetable**)Varieties of sandwich (tomato cheese/boiled egg & tomato /fried egg & cheese/Tuna/Chicken)Chicken burger with fresh vegetable salad (Soya/potato burger with fresh vegetable salad **)

After care Menu (only for after care registered Kids) :

Afternoon SnackBiscuits & juiceJuice & FruitSandwich with jam/spread & juicePopcorn & juiceJuice & fruit

Week 2&4 :

BreakfastWeetbix/tasty wheatCorn flakes with hot/cold milkoatsPorridge (Maltabella)White Maize Porridge
Morning SnackFresh Fruit & JuiceSandwich with Apricot Jam & JuiceOat meal Snack cakes & JuiceFresh Fruit & JuiceHome Made Cookies & Juice
Lunch timeFish cakes with vegetablesChicken Pasta with white sauce (Vegetable/Soya pasta with white sauce**)Savory Lamb/Soya mince with rice (soya Mince with rice**)Fried potato Chips & Cold Meat sandwich (Soya option **)Macaroni cheese

After care Menu (only for after care registered Kids) :

Afternoon SnackJuice & fruitSandwich with jam/spread & juiceBiscuits & juicePopcorn & juiceCupcake / muffin & Juice

** Vegetarian Option

All meat in Halal .

The Meals are available in Soya for children who don’t eat meat.
Food Menu will change every Season (Summer & Winter).
Menu will be circulated to all parents timeously.
Please ensure that any allergies are reported to the class teacher and to the office.