We believe in development 360 degrees and to cater that believe we also offer few extra-curricular activities which will help our kids to develop physically and mentally. This will also increase their level of confidence and develop their thinking and decision making skills. 

Your kids can register in extra-curricular activities even if they are not our full time Students.


Swimming is Fun and much more, teach your kids how to swim and they will have all that benefits for the lifetime. Swimming uses all the major muscles of the body and a great aerobic exercise. It also reduces the obesity and juvenile diabetes, it also has cardiovascular benefits which keeps Heart and Lungs healthy. Swimming is the great way to teach your kid motivation as they learn to better themselves while they swim. This also boosts the confidence in them and this skill will be there with them for the life time. 

Ballet Dancing: 

Ballet dancing promotes physical strength and agility it also boots concentration and develops understanding of music and rhythm. Ballet can also improve your Kids mental and emotional health. It also teaches kids the teamwork, communication, trust and cooperation. Ballet also help in overcoming stage fear, social awkwardness and develops self-confidence so that they can perform in front of an audience on stage. It also exposes kids to the musical movements and performance. 


Soccer helps kids in developing agility, speed and stamina and also teaches them the importance of teamwork. It also builds endurance dribbling, shooting and passing teaches them the coordination among the players. There are unaccountable health benefits of a physically active sport like soccer which also reduces the risk of becoming overweight. Specially soccer teaches both the techniques like defensive and offensive which makes kids more cooperative and confident. 


Karate is the phenomenal activity which help kids achieve kids fitness and focus. Some parents may think it also promote violence, but that’s a myth, according to experts. Karate helps to learn self-discipline and socialization skills. The class starts and ends with a bow to the master which teaches them respect towards their masters and the class includes kicks, punches and blocks which requires concentration and strict attention. It also develops the vocals of kids as this activity involves in making loud noises as they punch.