Q 1. At what age i can start sending my kid to sunflower preschool?
Ans: We accommodate kids from very early age of 3 month to 6 years.

Q 2. Is the food provided at school is Halal?
Ans: Yes, we provide the halal food to kid of our school because of hygiene values in it.

Q 3. If the student/kid is vegetarian what is option for food?
Ans: we do provide vegetarian option for the kids don’t eat meat.

Q 4. Can I take admission only in karate classes/any extracurricular activities?
Ans: Yes, you can take admission in any activityclasses even if you are not a regular student.

Q 5. Fee structure for Extracurricular activities?

Ans: we have different fee structure for different extracurricular activities with different options.please speak to our office administration for those details.

Q 6. Can i join my child in the middle of the year?
Ans: Yes, we can take the kids in the middle of academic year.

Q 7. Is the teachers are qualified at sunflower preschool?
Ans: We only recruit teachers who qualified with Early Childhood Development (ECD) program.

Q 8. How can i check my child progress during school hours?

Ans: We have CCTV cameras inside class rooms and outside play area as well. Every parents of the kid will have own username and password so they can monitor kids activities online.

Q 9. Does school have its own transport?
Ans: Yes, school provides transport with minimal & nominal chares.

Q 10. Is the water purified ?
Ans: Yes, we provide the filtered water to the kids all the time.

Q 11. Where exactly is Sunflower Preschool located?
Ans: We are located at 1, Albertyn Street, VornaValley, Midrand.

Q 12. How can I pay my monthly account?
Ans: Currently we accept EFT payments.

Q 13. Does Sunflower Preschool offer a rebate for siblings?
Ans: Yes. It depends on numbers. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the details.

Q 14. Where will my child be playing at Sunflower Preschool?

Ans: Each age group has their own play area designed for their specific abilities They are continually monitored and maintained by staff. We use AstroTurf instead of lawn in our little person’s play area and grass and mud for extra fun in our big little person’s play area. On rainy days we spend our time in the big play areas indoors.

Q 15. How to I arrange to visit Sunflower Preschool when I need to chat to teachers or staff?
Ans: Parents can come and visit Mon-Fri 06:00-18:00 Hrs.

Q 16. How do the teachers at Sunflower Preschool communicate with parents about their children?
Ans: Through Phone calls, Emails and parents meet every month .

Q 17. What Extra murals are offered at Sunflower Preschool?

  • Karate
  • Ballet
  • Soccer
  • Swimming

Q 18. Does Sunflower Preschool cater for special dietary requirements?
Ans: Yes ,we try to accommodate all the dietary requirements as per needs.

Q 19. Can my child bring snacks with to Sunflower Preschool?

Ans: We do provide snacks at school.so we don’t allow any snacks to school from Mon-Thu only on Friday kids can bring snacks from home.

Q 20. How can my child celebrate their birthday at Sunflower Preschool?
Ans: They can bring cake ,snacks and treats to school to celebrate with co-children.

Q 21. Does Sunflower Preschool have a uniform?
Ans: No uniform.

Q 22. Does Sunflower Preschool creche and Nursery School follow a specific education model?
Have there ever been any serious injuries to children attending Sunflower Preschool?
Ans: Nothing.