Week 1&3 :

BreakfastOatsCorn FlakesPorridge(Maltabella)VeetbixInstant porridge
Morning SnackFresh fruit in season (Oranges) Sandwich Jam with peanut butterBiscuitsSandwich with Chicken PolonyCupcake / muffin
Lunch timeChicken al la king with Rice, butternut (with rice**)Onion and tomato Soya Mince with pap (Gravy)Baked fish fingers & Mashed Potatoes & peasVarieties of Soup(butternut, tomato and mushroom)with toasted bread & vegetablesChicken burger with fresh vegetable salad (Soya/potato burger with fresh vegetable salad **)

After care Menu (only for after care registered Kids) :

Afternoon SnackBiscuits & juice Fruit in season
Sandwich with jam/spread & juiceSandwich& rooibos teaJelly and custard

Week 2&4 :

BreakfastCorn FlakesVeetbixInstant porridge Maltabela PorridgeOats
Morning SnackFresh fruit (in season)
Sandwich with Apricot JamOat meal Snack cakesCupcakes with rooibos/juice Biscuits with rooibos/juice
Lunch timeSpaghetti with Pilchards & BeetrootCottage Pie with mix veg
(Vegetable/Savory Soya mince **)
Chicken hot dogs
(Soya Hotdogs **)
Sandwich with fried egg ,tomato and lettuce ,cheeseMacaroni cheese

After care Menu (only for after care registered Kids) :

Afternoon Snack Fruit in season
Sandwich with peanut butter/cheese spreadToasted cheese and tomato SandwichesBiscuits & Rooibos TeaPopcorn & juice

** Vegetarian Option

All meat in Halal.
The Meals are available in Soya for children who don’t eat meat.
Food Menu will change Season (Summer &Winter).
Menu will be circulated to all parents timeously.
Please ensure that any allergies are reported to the class teacher and to the office.